June 2023
The East Albion server has been migrated to a dedicated database, along with a replicated version of the AlbionDB website. Optimizations have been implemented for both platforms
October 2020
The site has been upgraded to the latest PHP version with some minor tweeks, the site does not bring any revenue in so there has been no major development between the last update however server changes have been done. A new webserver (shared) has been built for AlbionDB to go on which is just better in everyway on the 10GB internal link, Currently the database sits on its own Database server and the TextSearch server now has 16GB of ram which is way over kill.
November 2019
I have put alot of time in optimizing the back end of the database and how the playersand guilds update.
A copy of names of players,guilds and alliances run on a remote server to provide quick text searching so the site searches AlbionOnline and AlbionDB database for better results.
Historic Kill Fame and Death Fame has been imlemented today 15/11/19 on both players and guilds and show up in grapths on the page. Various other updates have been done around the site.
August 2019
I have re-visited the website as i have had to move the database to a much more expensive database server. Because of this there are now Ads on the site to help support the running costs of Albion DB. As well as this some months ago i re-wrote some of the database side of things to increase performance as it was not setup the best, the idea while i was on holiday in 2017 was to collect data so i could do somthing with it. But i left it collecting the way it was.
July 2017
AlbionDB was a spur of the moment build on 23/07/2017 when there was mention about a market API so i brought a domain name and got building while on holiday, in a caravan using a laptop and mobile internet. I found Player , Guild and Alliance APIS and within a few hours i had a database driven site up logging history.